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9 inch Flippy Flopper

Product Review (submitted on November 17, 2018):
I absolutely love the flippy flopper! This is the 7th I've bought so far. (We Haven't used the 3 I just got, Christmas presents). We have a medium sized dog and it is perfect for him to catch. We had a "Chuck it" Brand and it is just too heavy to "float" out and stay in the air until he gets it-too heavy. The only thing I would tell people is don't let 2 dogs play tug of war with it. We took it to the dog park and 2 dogs got a hold of it and it ripped. It is strictly for a single dog. They last a long time if taken care of. The other thing is if you leave it out in the sun it gets sun bleached and loses all its color and fades, that's why I got some new ones to last all next year. If they get faded they still work fine, but eventually you want a bright new one. I also wouldn't let them chew on it, if they gnaw on it it will ruin the edge and make it unbalanced etc. Other than those issues, (which aren't issues, but are tips on making it last) it is just the right size and weight to float off into the air for your dog to catch and it is easy on the mouth, and not hard like some frisbees especially in the colder months. I know some dogs are stronger breeds that a hard, old style frisbee doesn't effect, but I don't want any teeth broken or gums whacked on our dog. I only buy Flippy Floppers now and the price is reasonable too. I give them 5 strong stars!