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9 inch Flippy Flopper

Product Review (submitted on May 5, 2010):
These things rock! Even if I didn't have a dog (let alone 3) I would buy these for my own recreation! They fly way better than any other frisbee made for dogs & I've tried most of them. The other frisbees I've bought are either heavy enough to knock your dog over or at least make it think twice about how it's going to try to catch it, or they just plain fly terrible! Wal-Mart used to carry them but no longer. I'm having a very difficult time finding them locally now. I was elated when I found a brand new one at a garage sale for a quarter! What a steal! The reason it was brand new & never used was that the poor dog died before they were able to give it to him. I am a Flippy Flopper fan for life! Our dogs love them & get a lot of great exercise catching them, our 2 year old Collie actually jumps off all 4's to catch them! It's crazy to watch. Thanks for making such a great product while at the same time keeping it affordable which is one of the best benefits of them. Don't change a thing!!!!