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  • Keep Your Tidying Resolution With a Personalized Toy Bag

    It’s the beginning of a new year, and that means resolutions to be your best self and make big changes. However, 80% of people fail their New Year’s resolutions by February. We want you to succeed in your mission to stay tidy and organized, at home and on the go, so The FlippyFlopper is releasing three new colors of our popular personalized bags to keep things together!

    Now in a total of five unique colors ─Blue, Green Yellow, Red and Pink─ the Flippy Flopper personalized dog toy bag is the perfect way to keep your New Year’s resolution to be more organized. It folds up small when not in use, holds your Flippy Flopper on the go, and has a drawstring closure to keep prying paws away from the treats you stored inside!

    Many pet owners have a dedicated storage box or bin for their pets’ toys and accessories, but that doesn’t translate well to grabbing your bin and hitting the road! With a backpack meant for adventure, you can easily pick up your pet’s favorite toys for your next road trip, or even just to spend a few hours at the park.

    For the outdoorsy pet, this nylon bag is hand-washable and rugged enough to hold up during your next hiking or camping trip. Carry your pet’s food, treats, toys and more in their personalized bag and keep their favorite things safe on the trail!

    On days that your pup goes to doggy daycare, or for longer trips that mean a trip to the doggy hotel, bring your personalized bag to store your pet’s food and items! The picture on the front means everyone there will know exactly whose food or favorite blanket is stored in this custom carrier.

    We’ve just released three new colors to make five vibrant options, so choose your favorite and upload your best friend’s photo to customize their bag. Share your photos with us on Facebook of all the amazing places you and your pet go!

  • 4 Recommendations for Favorite Dog & Cat Toys

    When the holidays are upon us and we are fortunate to be able to celebrate with family and friends, of course we naturally want our dogs and cats to be a part of the celebration and they will want to be with us as well. Our pets are valuable members of the family and we enjoy having them with us as we celebrate during the holidays and the spirit of togetherness.

    Take along or have ready a favorite toy if your dog or cat is able to join in the holiday celebrations – better yet, take along a toy for dogs and cats at homes you are visiting, if that’s the case.

    Family Togetherness

    1. For example, our dog Spanky loves his Flippy Flopper and carries it everywhere. It seems to give him additional security to hold it in his mouth or have it nearby.
    2. Our friends’ cat Teddy loves our foam soccer balls for activity, so they are a great gift for a cat.
    3. Big dogs we know love our rope toys and the Flippy Flopper is always a favorite.
    4. Small dogs, like our neighbor’s dog, seem to like the plush toys and sometimes go for the rope toys, too.

    Parties, dinners and gift exchanges can mean extra commotion, noise, food and aromas, rustling paper and new things. When our pets are not used to having more than a few people around, they can get overly excited so a good distraction is a toy.

    Remember to keep your eye on the food, too. When there is more food than usual and it is in easily accessible places, it is best to keep your eye on your pet or make sure temptation is out of the way. Otherwise, pets can end up getting unexpected “floor d’oeuvres.” And “turbo tales” can take out a glass of wine or punch, so that’s another thing to keep your eyes on.

    Whether you are hosting or visiting, you will want to prepare thoughtfully when it comes to your furry friends and family members to keep everyone calm and comfortable, so that everyone has a good time. Some people can be leery if they are not used to pets and being around someone else’s dogs and cats can be a new experience so be sure to check with everyone for familiarity and comfort levels. Pet toys are a good way to keep familiarity and comfort nearby at all times.

    Happy holidays to you and yours and enjoy! Woof, woof & meow.

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